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Floral Retrospective & Loominous

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Floral Retrospective: It is a joy to revitalize some of my all-time favorite floral prints in their best-selling original form, and some with all new colorations sure to inspire a fresh look for timeless art! Floral Retrospective is a collection which sits beautifully alongside so many other styles of fabrics from vintage to modern, and everything in between. Once upon a time, these prints lived in separate collections however mixing as one collection is what I love most about designing fabric and quilting. Printed on our beautiful, quality, silky FreeSpirit quilting cotton makes them ready for endless projects. Happy Sewing, Quilting, and Creating!

Loominous:  Perhaps it was an inevitability as a print designer for fabrics that I would eventually become charmed by the woven texture of cloth itself. Exploring design opportunities solely within that basic structure at first seemed a potential restraint on my process, but I found it to release a freedom of creating that was both new and beautiful. My Loominous collection explores beauty in form and color by employing several different methods of weaving with richly dyed cotton threads to achieve some joyously traditional and some entirely inventive deisgns. I was inspired, once again, by my small family history of ornately loomed pieces. This includes that bold, spare and modern aesthetic so beautifully making itself known in both fashion and in quilt making. The marriage of old and new, simple and striking, make my Loominous collection one that can be relied upon for feature uses as well as mixed in with my print collections.
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Dotted Line Eggplant Loominous Anna Maria Horner WOAH012.EGGPL


Echinacea Haute Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH075.HAUTE


Headlines Grape Loominous Anna Maria Horner WOAH008.GRAPE


Overachiever Burgundy Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH083.BURGU


Overachiever Forest Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH083.FORES


Overachiever Mystery Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH083.MYSTE


Overachiever Velvet Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH083.VELVE


Plenty Pine Loominous Anna Maria Horner WOAH013.PINEX


Raindrop Poppies Amber Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH050.AMBER


Raindrop Poppies Candy Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH050.CANDY


Social Climber Liche Floral Retrospective Anna Maria Horner PWAH117.LICHE